Kings Ridge Swim Club Newsletter Week of 7/9 - 7/13

Dear Kings Ridge Parents and Swimmers,

This past Saturday marked our third week in the competitive phase of the season and wow this season is really flying by fast! This past Saturday also marked our third A Meet win against Stratford with a score of 226-188 making the Water Wizards 3-0 in Division 12!

First off, we want to highlight some of the individual and team accomplishments from our A Meet against Stratford and our B Meet against Commonwealth:

This past Saturday we swam our third A Meet and had an impressive 34 individual time improvements! To help push the team forward, the following swimmers won both of their individual events: Garrison Cade (50 Back, 50 Fly), Katie Charbonneau (50 Free,50 Fly), Annie Custis (50 Breast, 50 Fly), Emily Davis (50 Back, 50 Breast), Aidan Glenn (50 Free, 50 Breast), Brandon Henry (50 Free, 50 Back), Beth Ragain (50 Free, 50 Breast), and Sebastian Rivera (50 Free, 50 Breast). Additional wins include Allie Charbonneau in the 50 back, Walker Clark in the 50 fly, Katie DiPietro in the 25 free, Josiah Faber in the 50 fly, Claire Husemann in the 50 back, Audrey Lebahn in the 50 free, Ashley Ragain in the 25 fly, and Christian Vazquez in the 50 back.

Notable time improvements at the A Meet include Nick Belmonti dropping 4.88 seconds in his 25 fly, Chiara Celio improving her 50 back time by 4.06 seconds, Dani Gill improving 11.16 seconds in her 50 breast, and Liam Lopez dropping 5.34 seconds in his 25 free.

Major time drops posted among the total 63 individual improvements during our B Meet against Commonwealth include Virginia Butler dropping 6.41 seconds in her 25 fly, Jude Butler improving his 50 breast time by 6.72 seconds, Finley Coleman dropping 5.44 seconds in her 50 free, Ella Downer improving 7.94 seconds in her 50 back, Emma Fleck improving her 50 fly time by 6.17 seconds, Chris Jones dropping 7.93 in his 100 IM, Rowan Little improving 7.11 seconds in his 100 IM, Holden Riley dropping 9.63 in his 25 back, Cole Throckmorton improving his 100 IM time by 5.38 seconds, Hannah Wolters dropping 7.45 seconds in her 25 free, Jenna Yeon improving 5.52 seconds in her 25 back, and Rachel Zenobia improving 5.45 seconds in her 50 free. Way to go Water Wizards with all of those huge improvements!

As of our third B Meet with Commonwealth, Kings Ridge has earned a combined total of 353 individual time improvements!

This past Wednesday, our relay swimmers had a special opportunity to represent Kings Ridge relays at Relay Carnival! Finishing second overall, the night was packed with amazing team spirit and record-breaking swims! We would like to give a huge congratulations to our 15-18 boys, Brandon Henry, Trenton Clark, Walker Clark, and Mason Izadpanah, for breaking BOTH the 200 Medley Relay (1:55.96) and 200 Freestyle Relay (1:45.91) records, as well as our 9-10 girls, Lucy Custis, Ashley Ragain, Kate Ragain, and Beth Ragain, for breaking the 100 Freestyle relay record with a time of 1:09.81.

Because our swimmers are racing well and working hard during practice, we chose three swimmers to be our Wizards of the Week. Our three Wizards of the Week for the week of 7/2 - 7/6 are Rowan Little, Katie DiPietro, and Olivia Willison. Rowan continues to improve each week and in the B meet against Commonwealth he improved 16.73 seconds across his three events. We are pretty sure these improvements are a result of Rowan’s hard work at practice, way to go Rowan, keep it up! Katie is a leader for our 8 and under swimmers at practice and in meets. In our meet against Stratford, Katie dropped more than two seconds in both her races and went on to finish first in the 25 free despite being seeded 4th. Olivia arrives early each morning with a positive attitude and she is always willing to help pull lane lines and is one of the first swimmers in the water at practice. In our meet against Stratford, Olivia improved in both her races including her 50 breaststroke where she went on to score points for the Water Wizards in the 15-18 girls event!

Make sure to congratulate our Wizards of the Week and Relay Record Breakers when you see them at the pool!

Rowan Little, Wizard of the Week, July 10, 2018

Katie DiPietro, Wizard of the Week, July 10, 2018

Keep up the hard work and go Water Wizards!


Coach Diana, Coach Mason, and Coach Emily

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